I’m a computer science student at UT Vienna. I don’t like writing and publishing stuff, and I don’t think I’m good at it. But, once in a while I feel like to publish things I (or someone else) figured out which seems useful to me.

So, here a short intro about things I like:

programming languages

I really like Haskell at the moment. Although I know Haskell since 2008, I feel like learning it at a slow pace every now and then. There are many high level concepts you have to understand at some point (e.g. Monads) if you like to develop complex software projects.

C is another useful language I used quite often for small hacks. Recently, I tend to use Haskell for such tasks. For example, parsing a file with Data.Binary is really simple.

Time to time, a “new” language gets my attention, for unknown reasons. Forth is such an example.

low level stuff

I’m interested in compiler construction, specifically backend stuff like code generation. This also includes computer architectures at a very low level (i.e. assembler, pipelining).

Binary analysis regarding security is also related field. And of course, firmware development. coreboot is a nice project I’m currently following (but not contributing to).

I used to do some VHDL and FPGA stuff. But, to be honest, I got distracted by the available tools. Although I don’t have to use Windows as Altera, Xilinx and Mentor provide their tools for Linux too, they are mostly a pain in the ass. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know…


I love git(1). Period. It completely changed my workflow. And I don’t like anybody who don’t use it (meh okay, I don’t like people who force me to use something different :P).

$ echo $0
$ echo $EDITOR

misc stuff

I use xmonad since 2008. That’s actually how I discovered Haskell at all. For terminal multplexing I still use screen(1). tmux(1) is on my TODO list, but not very high as I’m quite satisfied with the current situation (a modified GRML .screenrc config). Pentadactyl is probably the only reason, why I’m still using Firefox. zathura is a nice pdf viewer with vi-bindings, while it still permits to use to mouse for lazy beings. MPlayer for music and video. rxvt-unicode (aka. urxvt) as terminal emulator (nah, I don’t like perl…). Oh, and I’m a GNU/Linux guy, having Arch Linux on my machine.


Probably I missed some things, but generally speaking, it’s always nice to have a pool of good tools and a productive way to distract you from actual work by extending your pool or optimizing your current configurations.

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05 August 2012