Once you get used to vi-bindings in your favourite editor (Vi IMproved that is), you want them everywhere. One glorious example, that such an idea work out, is Vimperator. A popular fork (as already mention in my first post) is Pentadactyl.

A common and simple command I use is d, for closing a tab. Often you have the situation that you want to undo this operation. You can simple do this by pressing u in normal mode. Sounds familiar for every vim user, eh? (FWIW, you can do this in a vanilla firefox too, by pressing CTRL+w and CTRL+T afaik)

Today I accidentally pushed 2u, and woot, Pentadactyl will reopen the second last tab I closed. Standard vim awesomeness as usual I guess. And even better: Looking at the online help revealed :u:

Good Guy Pentadactyl

I see my recently closed tabs and can select it via

  • a number
  • cycle through the list with TAB
  • reduce the list via a pattern for the URL


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12 August 2012