I love my iBook G4, because, well, it is a PowerPC. The ISA is great and it is really sad that this architecture disappeared from the desktop market (it’s Apple fault apparently, one reason more to hate this company :p). Also, the iBook G4 is greatly supported by Debian.

I don’t have many usecases for it (e.g. testing a PowerPC 32-Bit build for the guys from CACAO), but it is my only mobile device I can use for presentations at university.

Few months ago I had such an presentation and, of course, the projector wasn’t recognized by xrandr. sigh. And yes, I successfully tested it with a monitor at home before. Some weeks later, I used the iBook again for participating at the ICFP Contest where a colleague provided me with an external monitor. I was even able to run it with native resolution (1920x1200), so I was confused as I didn’t change anything at the configuration nor I did a software update.

Today, I tested it again and I worked out a solution (as I found a monitor which had the same symptom as the projector at university):

#!/bin/bash -x

PORT="VGA-0" # see `xrandr' output for the right port

xrandr --addmode $PORT $RES
xrandr --output $PORT --mode $RES

Just force xserver to use an unrecognized screen and it works as intended.

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02 September 2012